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  • The formidable novelist and essayist Zadie Smith can’t help publishing a book every 16 months; the last one was Swing Time in November 2016.

    —hope wabuke, The Root, "These New and Upcoming Books by Black Authors Will Give You Life in These Perilous Times,"11 Feb. 2018

  • Events: Readings with poet Astrid Lorange and essayist Diana Hamilton.

    —katy schneider, The Cut, "A Bottega Veneta Flagship, Two Niche Bookstores, and a Climbing Gym in Bushwick,"4 Feb. 2018

  • All Mad Here The Unforgiving Minute The Consent of the (Un)governed * * * Laurie Penny is an award-winning journalist, essayist, public speaker, writer, activist, internet nanocelebrity and author of six books.

    —laurie penny, Longreads, "We’re Not Done Here,"18 Jan. 2018

  • Poet Janaan Qutubuddin of Pepper Pike won a gold as did essayist Dannia Tahir of Bentleyville.

    —joan rusek, cleveland.com, "Toast Chagrin's art scene with hot cocoa: Valley Views,"15 Jan. 2018

  • Andrew Sullivan, former editor of The New Republic magazine and now a contributing editor at New York magazine, is an author, essayist and magazine writer.

    —tom hallman jr., OregonLive.com, "Technology, the smartphone and the battle for our soul: Tom Hallman,"5 Jan. 2018

  • And sports writing lost some grace with the death of Frank Deford, the Sports Illustrated essayist.

    —fred lief, Houston Chronicle, "Sports deaths in 2017: Roy Halladay, Connie Hawkins; Dick Enberg's voice silenced,"29 Dec. 2017

  • But as some of our nonfiction essayists point out, the economy of water in space will always stay in space.

    —ed finn, Slate Magazine, "Space Is Not a Void,"14 Dec. 2017

  • Cullen Murphy has had other notable successes as an editor, essayist and author, all presumably head-clearing pursuits that give him a valuable perspective lacking in those of us who rarely come up for air.

    —garry trudeau, New York Times, "The Comic Strip’s Heyday in ‘Cartoon County’,"11 Dec. 2017

  • Essayists are the writers who produce essays. Essays are the literary pieces of work in which the author presents their own arguments and reflections. Since essays convey the author’s individual views, they make for compelling and interesting reading. Essayists may write on a number of topics like politics, education, social issues, literary criticisms, environment, human rights, etc. Even though essays are primarily written in prose, essayists like Alexander Pope have taken the liberty to compose their essays in verse. Essayists, like writers of other genres, do not always believe in conforming to traditions. John Locke was one such essayist who chose to ignore the brevity element in composing his voluminous essays like ‘An Essay Concerning Human Understanding’. The French author Michel de Montaigne who lived during the 16th century is often hailed as the first essayist, though he himself claimed to have been influenced by the writings of Plutarch and Seneca. Essayists like Joseph Addison, Richard Steele and Samuel Johnson flourished during the Age of Enlightenment when essays became the preferred literary form for convincing people of their position. Scroll down further for more information on famous essayists from all over the world who enriched literature with their writings.

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